Dare to be inspired by fearless storytelling

About being lost in Naples

Adam constructs Eve, forces her – by definition – to conform to his conditions, and so constricts her movement, development and existence. She is denied the most fundamental of rights, in every possible way. She is denied her the right to become, denied he right to speak, denied the...

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À propos Autumn and There but for The

Soon after I finish reading any of those accomplishments, there is no solid memory of them left within, no specific words in strings attached remembered. Still, these written pieces of artefacts don’t leave me be, are gotten under my skin, into my heart. And I am changed. Or maybe,...

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nada, I say

Our train whines its tracks downwards, and our faces are near-blinded by a glorious, soon to be blood-orange, sun setting into the Mediterranean Sea, just west of the island those Greeks referred to as the île de beauté (in ancient Greek, of course). And just like that, I am struck...

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before there were words

Maybe some famous poet told you. Paint, and you will never be alone. No. You knew, even before there were words. You knew, even if no one saw what your eyes could see. When your hand reached for that pencil, or a brush of colour you trusted it more than...

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now i know how this story ends

There it lay – on some table, near the stairs to the store’s underground – covered by no humble hill, plenty of gray clouds and heavy mist. I was not the least in the know about what a monumental tale its pages contained. I was suspicious of the claims...

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call me by my name

my name is lucy barton, it says on the cover, and while i neither really care for the title, nor feel inspired by the name lucy itself (although i suddenly come to think of plenty of fictional lucys that once inspired me, or made me laugh), i pick it up – this, so called, bestseller...

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