Dare to be inspired by fearless storytelling

inspired by #3

Maybe some famous poet told you.
Paint, and you will never be alone.


You knew, even before there were words.
You knew, even if no one saw what your eyes could see.

When your hand reached for that pencil,
or a brush of colour
you trusted it more than anything else.
And so you lived.
so you found peace.

Each and every day you committed
to your destiny.
You shut the door.
You looked out the window.

And was never alone.

How blessed he was

Found by her, accepted by her.
The only one who never, not even once, lost faith in his vision.
She stood him by,
With no need to explain herself.
With no regrets

She followed him, to the end of time.



During the screening of the poetic, surprising and utterly inspiring Tore, himlen & havet, I was once again reminded of the necessity to claim your true destiny, and run with it. If you can.

Because if you do, you will never, ever be alone.

Speaking from experience, I am.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you go see that beautiful story told by Maria Mogren and Jens von Larcher about the painter Tore Kurlberg and his generous Märta Kurlberg.

I dare you to be disappointed.



inspired by #3/Anita B Krišto© 2017