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blue jasmine

Movie dates are a new habit. Nothing beats watching a really good film on a huge screen. Well. I guess a lot does. But you know what I mean.

So far this late summer Promised Land, Känn ingen Sorg and Frances Ha got me to buy tickets.

All are pretty good films. Frances Ha really reminded me of Girlfriends, the 70s movie. Just want to put that out there. I think Greta even refers to it herself in some article . Anyway. The last scenes of Frances brought some tears to my eyes (a lot does, mind you).

Monday it was time for Blue Jasmine. The new Allen flick. When I saw the trailer (just before Promised land) I thought that maybe, maybe this would be Allen’s best in years. For one it didn’t seem to be funny at all. Not even in a black comedy sort of way. But rather serious.

All I have to say is Cate Blanchett. What a freakin’ great actress. AMAZING. and the actor playing her sister, Sally Hawkins. GREAT PERFORMANCE.


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