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something about a mother’s obituary

how little we know the one who knows you better than yourself.
and what a mystery she is, the one who no longer seems to be who she once was.
but still is exactly the same, in every moment of her existence, as she once was.
Sometimes so good.
Sometimes really, really bad.
Sometimes just sad.
one does wonder, and tries to come to terms with, the odd figure that is your mother.
The one who brought you into this world.
The one who let you become, what you were meant to be.
The one who might envy you, while at the same time praise you.
The one who forever loved you more than herself.
The one you look just like.
The one you move like.
This is just a matter of fact.
Whether you like it or not.

with the lightest touch, Erica Van Horn, aspires to capture the character that is her mother’s.
from afar, she respectfully observes the woman she will never truly know,
the mother she will love in this life and in eternity.

We Still Have the Telephone is a very, very good read.
You will most likely read it in one sitting.
And it will allow you to come to terms with a simple fact:
You must accept she will not always be there.
for you to wonder about.
for you to worry about.
for you to marvel about.
for you to embrace.

Or maybe you cannot come to terms with such a simple fact.
In that case, you will still benefit from reading it.

When the time has come.

Inspired by #16
Anita B Krišto © 2022