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vivunt spe intelligence

Vivunt Spe Intelligence. How to measure it. How to identify it. That is the question. I have come to believe currently applied modes of measuring this elusive aspect of our minds, ourselves, our bodies may, in many ways, be seriously flawed. For one, I am quite doubtful of current...

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by grace of some god

Rarely do I come across literary works where the act of reading is affected by an immense fear of missing out, a fear of reading too fast, a fear of not giving the story in my lap the attention it clearly deserves. But I have come to cherish those...

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regarding l’Analphabète

Being clear and concise is one of the most challenging principles in writing. But do not mistake this to be a constricting principle, one that prevents the poet from writing poetry that expands your visions or makes you weep. Neither does it prevent the storyteller from telling stories that...

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